Misha Dioxin

Misha Dioxin, a talented composer, based in a very heart of Russian South. He spent years of wishing to write some really ear-catching music, and then even more years of making it real.

As a passionate professional, Misha decided to focus on the few styles, which he can make sound really right:

  • sci-fi
  • cyberpunk
  • fantasy music
  • dark orchestral

Misha is keen on space opera. Moody and moving at the same time, his sound also makes the fantastic universe around you.

Started as a composer in the gaming industry, Misha Dioxin always keeps in touch with it, but for now his focus of interest is wider by far:

  • Games
  • Movies
  • Commercials

First Misha’s LP Bittersweet was written specially for a cognominal movie. It has a dark mood, but in the end you can see the light at the end of tunnel. Bittersweet was released in 2017.

Then Misha released LP Kepler, which sound is like a futuristic daydream about a spaceship journey and distant universes. According to reviews, it is exactly in the mood of XXth century fantastic novels.

Same year the EP Faces came out with its future gothic story, inspired by urban myths. It has the sound of adventures that will never happen, full of what-ifs and alternative future.

Currently Misha is working on some sample libraries, they will be available on Octochord (in development) in 2020.



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